Support Care Plan

Working out the details of your pregnancy, labor, baby delivery, and postpartum recovery can be exhausting. It is ALOT to take in if it is your first pregnancy. Being prepared and having a Support Care Plan created just for you will change your life. Become the author of your birth story. Use a Support Care Plan to help your support team – HELP YOU.

What is a Support Care Plan?

A Support Care Plan puts your ideas, thoughts, and birth wishes into a formal presentation. You will explore the different aspects of your birth story before it even happens. It helps you sort out the personal details of your birth story. Your individualized Support Care Plan will answer questions similar to those listed below:

  • Where will you labor?
  • What comfort measures will you use?
  • How can you husband/partner help you?
  • Who will drive you to the hospital? Or will you stay home?
  • Who will will watch your children?
  • What will you use for your focus point?
  • Will you be comfortable with imagery to help you?
  • What will you do when your cortisol peaks?
  • Will you want the epidural?
  • What comfort measures are you interested in using?
  • Do you want delayed chord clamping?
  • Do you want vaccines? Eye Ointment?
  • Will you breastfeed? Formula feed?
  • Do you have freezer meals?
  • How can people help you after you baby arrives?
  • …. and the list goes on…

“Your peace of mind will help you stay focused on the delivery of your baby.”

Your support plan will be individualized to answer the questions that are important to you. It will help communicate your desires to your personal support team. You will have a presentation to give to them. There will be no guessing what you would like to happen on that day.

Why do I need a Support Care Plan?

A Support Care Plan helps you put your thoughts together. It will help you effectively communicate your birth wishes to your support team. Things become more simple and everyone becomes prepared for your special day. When you feel supported and empowered you can accomplish any task that comes your way. It will help you prepare for the unexpected. Your peace of mind will help you stay focused on the delivery of your baby. Your words become a presentation that you can easily share with your support team. In return your support team can better serve you on your baby’s birth day.

How is a Support Care Plan different from a Birth Plan?

A Support Care Plan is where you tell your Support Team (partner, husband, sister, mother, mother in law, father, aunt, etc) how you would like your day to go. A Birth Plan is for your nurses and care provider. A Birth Plan highlights what your doctor needs to know during the delivery of you baby. Whereas, a Support Plan is strategically written for you and your personal support team. These are people that will support you before, during, and after. A Support Care Plan tells your loved ones how to be supportive while you labor, deliver your baby, and recover at home. There is a difference!

How do I get a support plan?

You will fill out three forms via email. Jessie, your virtual doula, will contact you. First, fill out the contact form below to get started with your own personal Support Care Plan. Then, you will be one step closer to starting your unique Support Care Plan. Not one story will be the same.

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