Tips on How to Encourage a Natural Delivery and Hopefully Avoid a Cesarean in the State of Louisiana.

I thought I was informed, but I wasn’t. First time moms, please get informed and understand everything there is to know about having babies. Understand that when you enter the hospital their first protocol is the health and safety of you and your baby. They are concerned about risk of infection and mortality. Many of the decisions they make are based off those factors. These tips are for you! They are to help you navigate your birth experience and hopefully help your avoid an unneccesary induction or cesarean and encourage a natural delivery.

Here are a few tips to encourage a natural delivery at a hospital and hopefully avoid a cesarean:

1) First, Pick the correct provider. Pick a provider least likely to give cesareans. You can ask stats and ask around. (Check to compare information between hospitals). If you are on medicaid and feel that you are bring tossed around. Then start standing up for yourself or choose a home birth. Raise the funds for your birth. You are important and should feel important during your birth appointments.

Louisiana Birth Workers
Pick a provider you are comfortable with:

2) Next, write down your birth desires and all the questions you have. Know ahead of time what your would like to see happen, but be flexible. This is critical in helping you decide what you want and empowering you to become your own advocate at your appointments and in the hospital.

3) Please, be okay waiting past your due date. Do not feel pushed into anything you are not ready for. Most first time moms have their new born babies at 41 weeks and 3 days. Elective induction is open to moms after 39 weeks in most cases, it all depends on your provider. I strongly urge you to wait till you go into labor naturally if you are a low risk pregnancy.

4) Stay at home as long as you can while laboring. It is important to discuss this with your provider ahead of time. If you are a low risk pregnancy and a first time mom – THEN WAIT – till your contractions are going strong at 3 mins apart. Acourse, if things are progressing fast then get a move on it. No one wants to have a baby in the car.

5) Avoid the epidural and utilize different labor positions instead. This helps your labor progress faster and helps the baby descend. Yes, you will not feel anything on an epidural and it can be peaceful, but your body will produce the same hormones you are trying to medically induce.

6) Avoid being hooked up to the fluids when you first get to the hospital if you are not severely dehydrated. This should be part of your birth wishes discussed ahead of time with your provider. This is a simple fix and can help you be more comfortable during your delivery.

7) Take pillows, blankets , good socks, head phones, birth ball, chapstick, and more pillows. Be comfortable! Do not rely on the hospital to get you pillows, blankets, or a birth ball. They have them, but they are not readily avaliable for every momma. Bring your stuff!

8) Especially, have a good attitude about birth. Understand the pain is worth the gain. Hang birth affirmations on the wall and learn to breath through the contractions. Understand what your body is doing and your will succeed.

9) Most important of all, have a birth team in place before you go to the hospital. Communicate, communicate, and over communicate. Be heard and be known. This is your babys birth day and make it special by planning ahead of time. Add a doula to your birth team. Hiring a doula decreases the chances you will recieve meds or have a cesearean. Inaddition, you most likely will have a shorter birth experience.

To learn more about how to have a natural birth in a hospital setting or how to avoid a cesarean please sign up for a FREE 15 minute consult through my facebook page. I would love to assist by answering questions or providing more resources to help you make an informed decision. If you have a story worth sharing or want to help advocate then please contact me to schedule a Q&A. I would love for people to hear what you have to say about this subject.

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