Ten Things You Can Do On That Kind of Day!

The kind of day you want to keep your pajamas on all day. The kind of day you want to curl up on your couch with a warm blanket and cup of coffee. The kind of day that makes you not want to show up at work or school. It is that kind of day! Everyone can relate to that feeling of wanting to do absolutely nothing during those days.

I know many people can not enjoy those kind of days because they have to work or go to school. Even as a Stay At Home Mom I do not get to enjoy those days! My morning normally starts with the pitter patter of children’s feet coming down the stairs around 6:30 a.m. or the cries of a newborn wanting to feed early in the morning. My days are filled with movement and organized chaos. Its usually best to throw my task list away and try to find a way to make it a special day.

I find the most comfy clothes I have and put those on. Let my kids keep their pajamas on. Take my warm cup of coffee with me and join the kids outside for a morning stroll around the driveway. Then we each get a bubble wand out and blow bubbles.  We count how many bubbles we can pop while running through the rain puddles. Sometimes we get lucky, and get to play in the rain if it drizzles. That kind of day makes some great memories.

You probably can’t pop bubbles and run in rain puddles because you have places to be during those kind of days. However, you are the keeper of your time. You get to decide what you get to do during those days. I challenge you to find a way to enjoy those kind of days even during your normal every day lives. I have provided a list of ten things you can try if you feel overwhelmed and find yourself saying I do not have the time to enjoy those kind of days.

  1. Stop at the dollar store and by your loved one or special pet a cool gift.
  2. Stop at your favorite local shop during the day with a friend or by yourself.
  3. Take your kids to the donut store and show up late for school.
  4. Go to the bookstore and find a new magazine.
  5. Buy some bubbles and pop them on your lunch break.
  6. Wear some rain boots or take them to work with you so you can walk or jump in a rain puddle.
  7. Watch your favorite movie after everyone goes to bed or when you get home.
  8. Cook chocolate chip pancakes for dinner and top them with cool whip.
  9. Play a game with your family after dinner.
  10. Call an old friend and tell them you were thinking of them.

If you read the list and found yourself saying “there is no way I have time for that”. Then my friend, I have a strong feeling I can not help you. However, I do challenge you to do something out of the ordinary on those days. Do something simple and take the time to become more like a child. Think of someone other than yourself. Create a memory you can cherish for yourself.


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