New Year: Time of Reflection Not Resolution

With a New Year it is very typical for people to make a resolution. However, this year I am looking back at last year to count my blessings and learn from my failures. Resolutions are great, but in order to achieve true change you have to be able to look yourself in the mirror and accept the Truth. Looking back I find myself truly grateful for the blessings last year brought.

This past Christmas our family was blessed with a new baby! I personally can’t think of any way to end the year better. Children are blessings from God. At least, let’s hope I feel that way; because together my husband and I have five children. Last year never had a dull moment and there was always something to laugh at between the teens and the toddlers. I love my life and everything that it entails. I would not want to swap lives with anyone or wish for anything different.

Reflecting back on last year’s events I can recall several times where I was not happy with how I reacted or behaved. With that being said, I would like to acknowledge last years’ moments of weaknesses and flaws. These are the moments that have cost me great sorrow and pain. I will not bask in those moments; but I will contemplate on how to improve myself or prevent those moments from happening again. I understand things our out of our control. However, I find myself to be more of a realist in these situations. My behavior is not based off of the circumstances around me or the actions of other people. I want to be a better person than I was last year. I want to take the time to enjoy life’s moments, react slower, and listen more closely to those around me.

It’s not that I want to do things differently; I just want to be able to do certain things more. These are the things I want to do more: hold my husband’s hand, laugh with the teens, play chase with the toddlers, read books, spend time in my green house, play with my honey bees, take walks, and follow through with a personal goal of mine. The New Year is not a time to create resolutions, but a time to reflect and improve on what is already an awesome life!

An awesome life is not something that has happened over night. It has taken years for me to allow God to bless me through my circumstances. I have had to slowly let go and let God take control of the steering wheel to be able to enjoy true sweetness. If you look back at last year and see defeat, sorrow, or depression then look into another mirror. You are your own reflection. People will reflect what they see and believe.

It is time to see the true beauty that God has bestowed into your life. Look into this New Year using a reflection that mirrors the true image of God. Take that image and make your next year better than the year before. Resolutions are great, but in order to achieve true change you have to be able to look at yourself in the mirror and accept the Truth. Do not set any resolutions, but become grateful and content with your place in this world. Then hopefully this year you will be able to reflect back on your awesome life and taste its true sweetness!

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