Life is Tupperware

Yes, my life is like my Tupperware drawer. You never know what the heck you are going to get! It does not matter how many lids I have. I still have to sort through all the containers and see if any of them match. Now maybe I could take the time to organize them and make sure everything fits perfectly together. But who the heck am I kidding!!! That would only last for a little bit before all craziness disrupts my Tupperware drawer again.

My life is full of crazy random moments and unexplained events. I could sit all day and question why all the craziness surrounds me, but I have learned to just laugh and roll with the punches. I could pretend to have it all together and smile while acting strong, but lets get real!

What fun is that?!?

I would rather be myself and live life to the fullest. I am the person that everyone says is random or creates the awkward moments in the conversation. I have also been told I have no filters, eek. When I start talking many people ask, what now? I am sharing this because I want to encourage you to be your self. Learn to love your self so others can love you. Why not? What do you have to loose?

Life is full of wonderful opportunities to practice being yourself. There is no reason to put on a show for any one in this world. Remove your defenses so that others can feel comfortable about being themselves too. We live in a world where social media has created a fake life for everyone.

We should use social media to make everyone else feel normal. Stop hating and start loving!

I am not saying let your crazy flag fly! Please get it together and do not go crazier on me. Just practice being yourself. Life is more enjoyable not worrying about what other people are thinking.

Focus on other things, like the person you want to become. Better yourself by loving God and serving others.

So I challenge you to let others see your Tupperware drawer when they come over. Let them sort through that crazy mess. Hey, if you get a chance to get it all organized then take it. However, don’t get mad when you open it a month later and it looks worse then when you started! Ha! Good luck!


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