Let Your Child Drop Things, Fall Down, and Mess Up!

Do you want your children to learn how to become little helpers?

Do you want to teach your children independence and confidence?

Then I know what you can do! Are you listening?

There is one simple step you have to follow in order to make this happen. Are you ready?

You will not believe what it is…. this is it…. stop parenting. All you have to do i
s allow your children to experience what it feels like to be a child. I am not telling you to take the back seat as a Mom or Dad; however, you should seriously consider your parenting techniques. Children are not being taught what it means to be a child. We should let our children drop things, fall down, and mess up. This is harder for parents than it is for the children, because you have to let your children experience life in its fullest. I am not telling you to let your child run in a road or jump into deep waters. I am asking you to step out of the way and allow your child to gain independence and confidence. This requires patience and trust in God.

For example; my son has used a knife since he was 2 (very scary). He can slice into a bell pepper or cut squash into cubes. Did he learn this on his own?  Well no. We were alongside him giving instructions. Is he always safe? What do you think? He is only a toddler! Either way he loves to help in the kitchen. As his mom I have to bend my will and make time for the little guy to help in the kitchen. It is not always easy, because he can be very stubborn on how he wants things done. However, seeing him develop a passion is more important that my desire to get things done. This morning my son (now 3 years old) made banana muffins. This required my time, my patience, my trust, and most of all, my love.  To be able to do this every day is impossible especially with all that life demands. Take the time to stop parenting and allow your child to experience life. Allow them to discover their passion and interests with you by their side.



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