Having a Hospital Birth During a Global Pandemic?

I wanted to share a few thoughts for mommas who might be delivering within a hospital during these uncertain times.

It is so important you discuss everything with your care provider if you are having a hospital birth.

Things will be changing and it’s better to be prepared for all the craziness that might come with this Coronavirus.

Here is the deal, if you might be struggling with some fear and anxiety about the unknown. The first thing you need to understand is that the fear and anxiety will delay your labor and make things harder. So find a way to get your head into a positive space before birth.

Things you might want to consider bringing to the hospital if allowed…

  1. Your own gloves and mask
  2. Lysol and hand sanitizer
  3. Your own pillows and blankets (unopened and new) – if allowed
  4. You own birth ball or peanut ball
  5. You personal diapers for after birth
  6. Shoes and clothes you can throw away after you leave the hospital. (Same for baby outfits)

I would not bring alot of items. Keep it simple to avoid transmission of the Coronvirus.

*Make sure your bag items are approved so you don’t experience a nurse taking something away because of new policies to prevent transmission of the Coronavirus.

Things to remember…

Your OBGYNS and nurses are in new territory. They are scared as well. So be patient and respectful of their position when discussing your fears and asking questions.

If after discussing your options with your care provider you still are experiencing fear; then consider a home birth with a trained licensed midwife.

We are in uncharted territory during this time. What will help is everyone working together and keeping an open mind.

You can still achieve that wonderful birth you just have to consider what is going on around you.

When you get home from the hospital consider undressing you and the baby at your back door.

Leave everything outside and take a shower immediately upon your arrival home.

Throw away your stuff if you can’t wash it. Use gloves to put your items into the washer.

Just things to consider while you are working out all your plans for the arrival of your new baby. ❤️

Much love and support from a doula who is praying for you and thinking of all the moms delivering a baby within the next couple months.

XOXOXO Jessie Trichell

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