Doula Services

The moment a woman gives birth is the day she will never forget. Every women will experience pregnancy and birth differently. No story will ever be the same. Every birth has pain and beauty. Every mother needs a birth team to support her during pregancy, labor, and the delivery of the baby.

Hiring Support For Your Birth Team

First and formost, please have the right birth team in place before the delivery of your baby. Your birth team will understand your birth wishes, desires, and fears. If you want unbias support then a doula is a very important part of that birth team. A doula is there to act as your friend and comfort when your loved ones are tired or do not know what to do. A doula will help you locate a care provider whom will support your birth vision. Having a birth vision is important, but sometimes is hard to know where to start. A doula will assist you in creating a story that matches your vision. We also, provide support when your birth plan changes because of unfortunate cicumstances. We support you and your family.

When you decide to become a client of Moments Bayou you will recieve care that is specific to your personal needs. The basics of doula care include the following, but are not limited too…

  • A complimentary “meet-and-greet” interview. 
  • One prenatal visit to learn coping techniques, relaxation skills, and practice communication strategies for during birth.
  • One prenatal visit with your medical provider, or with your family and/or friends who will be at your birth, to build strong relationships among the entire birth team (optional).
  • Help writing and reviewing your birth plan or preferences.
  • A complimentary coloring book depicting different laboring positions.
  • A complimentary “Road Map to Labor” explaining how labor could possibly go.
  • Weekly support via phone/ video conferencing from pregnancy to postpartum.
  • On-call availability for the month around your due date.
  • Support laboring at home before moving to your birth location (if applicable).
  • Continuous support for you and your birth team during your labor, with a second doula available for long labors (ie: over 16 hours)
  • One postpartum visit for practical postpartum support and birth reflection.
  • Breastfeeding education and support.
  • One freezer meal with 4-6 servings (approved by client).

Add a doula to your support team and schedule a FREE CONSULATATION to see if I am the right fit for you. We all have different personalities and feeling comfortable with your doula is important.

Contact me at (318)372-7733 for more information!!!

Moments Bayou services range $675 – $1175 for clients needing support during labor and delivery whether in a home or hospital birth. Moments Bayou serves the Jackson, Miss and surrounding areas.

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