A List of Questions to Ask Your OBGYN Because of the Pandemic.

Things will be changing and it’s better to be prepared for all the craziness that might come with this Coronavirus.

Here are a list of questions you might want to ask your provider. (OBGYNs you can thank me later 😅)

Please remember these are to help you have effective communication with your OBGYN. Please do not interrogate them with all the questions at once. Pick what is important to you and start thereā€¦.

1) How many people are allowed while you labor? (Most likely one)

2) Will the hospital allow me to bring outside pillows and blankets?

3) If not, can the pillows and blankets be unopened?

4) Am I allowed to bring my own mask?

5) Will family be able to visit during postpartum visit? (Most likely not)

6) Will I be tested for the virus while in the hospital?

7) What precautions are the medical staff taking to ensure the labor and delivery is a virus free zone?

8) Will my support person be screened for the virus?

9) Will my support person be able to leave the hospital and come back?

10) How long will my support person be able to stay with me?

11) Will we be provided our own masks or should we bring our own?

12) Will the baby be screened for the virus at anytime?

13) Will the baby be able to remain with me at all times still?

14) Will my “golden hour” of skin to skin contact with baby change?

15) Is there anything that could possibly change with what we have discussed in the past?

16) Are there a list of items I can not bring? Or should not bring because of the Coronavirus?

17) If the baby, support person, or I do test positive for the virus what will the hospital do?

Your OBGYNS and nurses are in uncharted territory. They are scared as well. So be patient and respectful of their position when discussing your fears and asking questions.

If after discussing your options with your care provider you still are experiencing fear; then consider hiring a doula to help you create a Support Care Plan for you and your loved ones.

It is so important you discuss everything with your care provider if you are having a hospital birth.

XOXOXO Jessie Trichell

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